Molly Joins DePaul University’s Business Council on Homelessness

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Martina Mihelicova Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Congratulations to Martina Mihelicova!

Martina Mihelicova HARC Lab
Martina is in the final months of her clinical psychology doctoral program and is now well-positioned for life after graduate school. The HARC Lab is incredibly proud to announce that Martina was accepted to her top choice postdoctoral fellowship at the Denver/Rocky Mountain VA, where she is also currently wrapping up her predoctoral internship! Martina specializes in therapeutic interventions for serious mental illness and PTSD, and her postdoctoral training will both enhance and expand her skillsets. In addition, she is excited to remain in Denver, where she enjoys the mountains and is involved in homelessness advocacy. Although you are graduating, you’ll always be a member of the team, Martina!

Camilla Cummings Internship Match!

Congratulations to Camilla Cummings!

Camilla Cummings HARC Lab

This year, Camilla embarked on the highly intensive process of applying for predoctoral internships in clinical psychology. HARC Lab could not be prouder of Camilla’s success in matching at her top choice internship placement, the Palo Alto VA! This accomplishment shines a light on the credentials, skills, and training Camilla has accrued to this point, all earned through her initiative and hard work. Over the course of next year, she will have opportunities to receive top-notch clinical training, bring her expertise to the VA’s domiciliary program, and hook into a robust network of homeless service researchers. We cannot wait to see where this next step in your professional career takes you, Camilla!

Quin Lei Thesis Defense!

Congratulations to Quin Lei!

Quin Lei, Molly Brown, Jocelyn Carter
Quin successfully passed their master’s thesis defense! Their thesis is entitled, “Identifying a Typology of Homelessness Based on Self-Sufficiency: Implications for Rapid Re-Housing Interventions.” In addition to being a terrific scholarly contribution, Quin’s research has important real-world applications. Way to go, Quin!

Amanda Barry Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative Fellowship!

Congratulations to Amanda Barry!

Amanda Barry HARC Lab
Amanda was awarded a fellowship with the Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative! Through this opportunity, she will examine variations in calls to defund the police and policy implications therein. We are so proud of Amanda for engaging in this critical work in urgent support of Black lives!

HARC Lab Welcomes New Doctoral Students Amanda Barry and Justine Stewart!

HARC Lab Welcomes New Doctoral Students
Amanda Barry and Justine Stewart!

Amanda Barry HARC Lab
Justine Stewart HARC Lab

Amanda Barry, M.A. is entering the doctoral program in clinical-community psychology at DePaul University after completing her master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Dayton. Justine Stewart, M.A. is joining HARC Lab as an affiliate, and she is currently completing her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Wheaton College. We welcome you both to the team!