The HARC Lab Team

Molly Brown, Ph.D.
HARC Lab Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Clinical-Community Psychology, DePaul University | 773-325-7148
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Education and Training

2013-2014     Postdoctoral Fellowship, Yale School of Medicine
2012-2013     Postdoctoral Fellowship, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine
2011-2012     Predoctoral Internship, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine
2012                Ph.D., Clinical-Community Psychology, DePaul University
2009                M.A., Clinical-Community Psychology, DePaul University
2004                B.S., Psychology, University of Washington

Research Interests

  • Housing interventions for individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness
  • Psychometric testing of assessment tools used for housing intervention prioritization
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Trauma-informed care


Martina Mihelicova, M.A.
Graduate student, Clinical-Community Psychology, DePaul University


Through community-based research, Martina works with and learns from people experiencing trauma and barriers to recovery, including stigma, lack of services, and staff turnover. She is also committed to supporting direct service providers in light of the impact of trauma exposure on well-being. As a HARC Lab member, she primarily coordinates the Trauma-Informed Care study.

Research Interests

  • Trauma; vicarious trauma; trauma-informed care
  • Underserved and stigmatized populations
  • Provider and significant other coping and self-care
  • Qualitative methods

Camilla Cummings, B.A.
Graduate student, Clinical-Community Psychology, DePaul University


Camilla completed her undergraduate degree at Portland State University in Psychology and Sociology. In Portland she worked in collaboration to complete program evaluations for Central City Concern, the largest provider of social services in Oregon for homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, and serious mental illness. She also worked in the Community Inclusion Research Group, on a study examining community members’ attitudes about residing near supportive housing programs for adults with psychiatric disabilities. As a HARC Lab member, Camilla primarily coordinates the Housing First Randomized Trial based in Seattle and manages the VI-SPDAT study investigating the psychometric properties of a homeless service prioritization tool. 

Research Interests

  • Housing interventions for people experiencing homelessness
  • Recovery interventions implemented in housing services
  • Substance use and dependence
  • Serious mental illness
  • Participatory action research (PAR) and mixed methodologies
  • Program evaluation
  • Advocacy and policy reform

ShayLin Excell, B.S.
Graduate student, General Psychology, DePaul University


Shay completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Psychological Sciences. In addition to her work in the HARC Lab, Shay also collaborates with Ignatian Spirituality Project to study the effects of spirituality among people experiencing homelessness. As a HARC Lab member, Shay primarily coordinates the Long-Term Shelter Stayers study. Her thesis assesses various methods of assessing self-efficacy among people experiencing homelessness.

Research Interests

  • Homelessness, including treatment and housing interventions
  • Spirituality among people experiencing homelessness
  • Cycles of mental illness
  • Self-related beliefs

Annie Wegrzyn, B.A.
Graduate student, Community Psychology, DePaul University


Annie is a graduate student in the Community Psychology program at DePaul University. Before attending DePaul, Annie received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois; there, her research focused on strategies to combat victim-blaming beliefs and rape myth acceptance. Currently, Annie is working on projects related to multidisciplinary relationships and collaboration among sexual assault responders. As a HARC lab member, Annie is involved in the Trauma Informed Care study.

Research Interests

  • Community-based responses to interpersonal violence
  • Housing interventions for survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence
  • Holistic healing for survivors of trauma and trauma-informed care
  • Collaboration on Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs)
  • Qualitative methods

Kelly Collins, M.A.
Graduate student, Community Psychology, DePaul University

Danielle Vaclavik, M.A.
Graduate student, Community Psychology, DePaul University


Danielle completed her undergraduate psychology degree at Butler University where she gained a foundation in research methods while researching autobiographical memories and the influence of arousal and affect on the encoding and recall process of the life narrative. Based on this experience and an interest in using research in applied settings, she is now pursing a degree in Community Psychology at DePaul University.  Danielle is currently working on projects related to homeless services and Catholic ministry such as: trauma informed care and self-care in the workplace, social network analysis as a tool to guide and evaluate systems integration endeavors among homeless service providers, spirituality as a coping mechanism and empowerment technique for homeless individuals, as well as exploring the influence of community level factors on the roles of Catholic ministry workers.

Research Interests

  • Using the ecological systems framework to explore the religious experience and identity of Catholic youth and young adults to inform ministry interventions at both the parish and dioceses level
  • Spirituality/Religiosity as a coping mechanism and empowerment technique
  • The religious/spiritual experience of Homeless individuals
  • Burnout and self-care amongst service providers working with at risk populations
  • Social networks analysis and system integration of homeless service providers
  • Program evaluation


Dao Tran, M.P.H.


B.S. in Biology, University of Texas at Dallas
M.P.H. Texas A&M School of Rural Public Health
Certification in Public Health, National Board of Public Health Examiners


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