Is Dr. Brown accepting students?

Dr. Molly Brown is reviewing applications for 2021-2022 admission to the Clinical Psychology (Community Track) Ph.D. program at DePaul University. Applicants interested in studying racial and other disparities in homelessness and McNair Scholars (or participants of similar programs) are strongly encouraged to apply!

What is Dr. Brown’s contact policy?

In acknowledgment of the complexity and stress of navigating the application process, Dr. Brown is offering transparency in her policy regarding contact with applicants. Dr. Brown works to create an even playing field for applicants, so she will not meet individually with applicants prior to our program’s interview day. Applicants who send inquiries via email will not receive greater consideration for admission than those who do not. Dr. Brown is looking forward to reviewing your application!

What makes a strong applicant for Dr. Brown’s research lab?

Dr. Brown reviews applications holistically such that areas of strength in applications may compensate for areas of weakness. Strong applicants typically have a GPA of 3.4 or higher. With the understanding that the GRE is not an equitable representation of students’ capacity to succeed in a doctoral program, Dr. Brown does not use minimum cutoff scores on this metric. Applicants must have research experience. Demonstrated scholarship through conference presentations or publications (including manuscripts in progress) is highly suggested.

Where can I learn about DePaul’s Clinical Psychology doctoral program and admissions requirements?

Prospective applicants can learn about our program here, and about admissions requirements here. A recording of our program’s Virtual Open House that was held on November 7th, 2020 is available here

Where can I learn general information about applying to doctoral programs in clinical psychology?

Applying to doctoral programs in clinical psychology is an intimidating process! You can find a list of resources to help guide your preparation here. Resources specific to applicants from underrepresented backgrounds are included.