Homelessness Resources

Please see the resources below if you are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity in the Chicago area.

All Chicago
All Chicago provides links to a variety of housing and basic needs services (see Call 311 below). The All Chicago website provides a list of service options.

Call 311 for the Homelessness Prevention Call Center

Housing Assessments
If you are seeking housing services, you need to get a housing assessment to be added to the housing priority list. If you have not yet received an assessment, you can find a list of assessment locations here.

Drop by or schedule an appointment with the Department of Family and Support Services
Chicago’s DFSS can work with you to identify your needs and help you find resources. A list of DFSS community service centers can be found here.

Additional Resources in Chicago:

Food pantries and soup kitchens

Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens



Employment Services

Goldie’s Place Employment Program

Employment Services

Ex-offender Services

Ex-Offender ServicesEx-Offender Services 2

Substance Use Treatment/Services

Substance Abuse ServicesSubstance Abuse Services 2Substance Abuse 3

Women’s Services

Women's ServicesWomen's Services 2Women's Services 3Women's Services 4

Legal Services for Eviction Prevention

Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

Dental services

Goldie’s Place Dental Clinic

Additional Resources in the U.S.:

National Homeless Shelter Directory

National Online Resources for Homelessness