Homelessness Resources

Please see the resources below if you are experiencing homelessness in the Chicago area.

All Chicago
All Chicago provides various homelessness services through its link to a variety of service providers, such as the emergency fund for basic needs (see Call 311 below). The website provides a list of service options.

Call 311 for the Homelessness Prevention Call Center

Additional Resources in Chicago:

Food pantries and soup kitchens

Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens

Employment Services

Employment Services

Ex-offender Services

Ex-Offender ServicesEx-Offender Services 2

Substance Use Treatment/Services

Substance Abuse ServicesSubstance Abuse Services 2Substance Abuse 3

Women’s Services

Women's ServicesWomen's Services 2Women's Services 3Women's Services 4

Legal Services for Eviction Prevention

Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

Additional Resources in the U.S.:

National Homeless Shelter Directory

National Online Resources for Homelessness