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Camilla Cummings HARC Lab

Camilla Cummings Postdoctoral Fellowship!

The HARC Lab proudly announces that Camilla was accepted to her top choice 2-year postdoctoral fellowship at the West LA VA’s Health Services Research and Development Program! Camilla will have an opportunity to conduct research and practice related to homelessness within the VA system. The position is perfect for her path toward a high-impact career in this area.
Photo of Mackenzie Hudson, Molly Brown, and Leonard Jason

Mackenzie Hudson Thesis Defense!

The HARC Lab congratulates Mackenzie, who successfully passed her master’s thesis defense! Her thesis is entitled, “A Qualitative Exploration of the Lifetime Residential Transitions and Housing Preferences among Individuals with Extensive Shelter Utilization Histories.” Mackenzie’s qualitative study identifies a typology of lifetime homelessness trajectories among people experiencing chronic homelessness within shelters. Her research findings highlight the importance of accounting for individuals’ housing histories and preferences in aiding their transition out of shelter. We also congratulate Mackenzie for graduating from DePaul’s Master of Science program in General Psychology!

Quin Lei and Molly Brown published an article based on Quin’s thesis research in the Journal of Community Psychology entitled, “Identifying a Typology of Homelessness Based on Self‐Sufficiency: Implications for Rapid Re‐housing Interventions.” The article is part of a special issue on “Actionable Research for Understanding and Addressing Homelessness.” Click to read the abstract, or contact Molly for full text.

Molly Brown joined DePaul University’s Business Council on Homelessness, which aims to generate innovative solutions to homelessness. Click to learn more about the initiative.

Dao Tran, Molly Brown, and Camilla Cummings published a paper in HUD’s journal Cityscape entitled, “Participant Engagement Strategies in a Housing First Randomized Trial.” Click to download.

Martina Mihelicova HARC Lab

Martina Mihelicova Postdoctoral Fellowship!

The HARC Lab is incredibly proud to announce that Martina was accepted to her top choice postdoctoral fellowship at the Denver/Rocky Mountain VA, where she is also currently wrapping up her predoctoral internship! Martina specializes in therapeutic interventions for serious mental illness and PTSD, and her postdoctoral training will both enhance and expand her skillsets. In addition, she is excited to remain in Denver, where she enjoys the mountains and is involved in homelessness advocacy. Although Martina is graduating with her Ph.D. from DePaul University, she will always be a member of the HARC Lab team!

Camilla Cummings HARC Lab

Camilla Cummings Internship Match!

This year, Camilla embarked on the highly intensive process of applying for predoctoral internships in clinical psychology. HARC Lab could not be prouder of Camilla’s success in matching at her top choice internship placement, the Palo Alto VA! This accomplishment shines a light on the credentials, skills, and training Camilla has accrued to this point, all earned through her initiative and hard work. Over the course of next year, she will have opportunities to receive top-notch clinical training, bring her expertise to the VA’s domiciliary program, and hook into a robust network of homeless service researchers. We cannot wait to see where this next step in Camilla’s professional career takes her!

Quin Lei, Molly Brown, Jocelyn Carter

Quin Lei Thesis Defense!

The HARC Lab congratulates Quin, who successfully passed their master’s thesis defense! Their thesis is entitled, “Identifying a Typology of Homelessness Based on Self-Sufficiency: Implications for Rapid Re-Housing Interventions.” In addition to being a terrific scholarly contribution, Quin’s research has important real-world applications and is set to be included in a special issue on “Actionable Research for Understanding and Addressing Homelessness” in the Journal of Community Psychology.

Amanda Barry HARC Lab

Amanda Barry Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative Fellowship!

Amanda was awarded a fellowship with the Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative! Through this opportunity, she will examine variations in calls to defund the police and policy implications therein. We are so proud of Amanda for engaging in this critical work in urgent support of Black lives!

Amanda Barry HARC Lab
Justine Stewart HARC Lab

HARC Lab Welcomes New Doctoral Students Amanda Barry and Justine Stewart!

Amanda Barry, M.A. is entering the doctoral program in clinical-community psychology at DePaul University after completing her master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Dayton. Justine Stewart, M.A. is joining HARC Lab as an affiliate, and she is currently completing her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Wheaton College. We welcome you both to the team!

In the News + Community

Molly Brown discusses the importance of affordable housing access to address homelessness with The DePaulia. Click to read.

Molly Brown joined a panel hosted by Jesse Betend, creator of the “Where I Stay” podcast, and Suzanne Hanney, StreetWise Editor. Along with StreetWise Vendors, Lee Holmes and Paula Green, and The Night Ministry’s Senior Vice President, Erin Ryan, Molly engaged in a discussion about invisible homelessness. Click to watch.

Molly Brown spoke with South Side Weekly’s Charmaine Runes about ethical issues with the current method of “counting” people who experience homelessness. Click to read.

Molly Brown published an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune calling into question the ethics and accuracy of the current method of “counting” people experiencing homelessness. Click to read.

Quin Lei and Molly Brown spoke with The DePaulia’s Ebony Ellis about the potential for “sleep out” fundraising events to trivialize the experience of homelessness and perpetuate stigma. Click to read.

Molly Brown spoke with The Daily Caller about the life-saving importance of harm reduction measures in homeless shelters. Click to read.